First-Year Assessment

The first-year assessment plan is meant to be iterative - each step informing the next. Throughout the process data is analyzed, shared with stakeholders while making changes to content and or programs. Outcomes are often re-evaluated.

Elements of this plan have been adapted to assess the transfer student experience.

Assessment Cycle

  1. "Tell Us About Yourself" Pre-Orientation Survey - Offered by each college prior to orientation. Collects common data as well as specific individual data for advisors.
  2. Student participation – Utilizing the Orientation Database to capture and track student attendance behavior.
  3. Orientation Program Evaluation – includes common questions/themes for Orientation evaluation process and obtains immediate feedback regarding Orientation experience.
  4. Welcome Week Program Evaluation– includes common questions/themes for Welcome Week evaluation process and obtains feedback for next year’s Welcome Week experience.
  5. Check-In Survey – Survey sent to all new freshman and transfer students in January. Survey includes common questions and themes of involvement and seeking help.
  6. Leaver’s Study – Work with college advisers to identify reasons students have not re-enrolled for spring semester.
  7. National Surveys - For example, Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey.
  8. Identity/Re-evaluate outcomes.

"Tell Us About Yourself" Pre-Orientation Survey Results

The Pre-Orientation Survey combines common questions on academics, previous experiences, involvement, expectations, and concerns with questions from the student’s specific college of enrollment. This process used to exist separately in some colleges but was centralized by Orientation & First-Year Programs in 2009. As of 2014, the survey results are recorded in a database newly managed by CLA OIT. In 2015, questions were mapped with the CIRP survey and several items where enhanced.

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