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Coffman Art Gallery

Visit the CMU Art Gallery this summer as we have showcased the student experiences of twenty U of M students in Orientation & Transition Experiences’ “My U, My View: Inside the Student Experience” exhibit. The exhibit highlights the student experience from our students’ point-of-view.

Here are a couple of quotes our students shared surrounding their experience:

  • "I transferred as a sophomore to the University of Minnesota and didn't have a home on campus yet. After joining Sigma Psi Zeta I found women and non-men with similar goals and people that love me for who I am!" - Cayla Bishop
  • "I was an Orientation Leader for the summer of 2022 and was able to connect with incoming students and support those through the transition process. I made so many friends and had a blast during Orientation and Welcome Week!" - Sam Spaulding 
  • "My study abroad group preparing to go home, all of us feeling sentimental and thankful for an incredible experience in Mexico. Our time there meant the world to each of us, and we talked at length shortly after this picture was taken about how lucky we felt to have been given the opportunity to learn so much from the community in Cuernavaca." - Mia Tortomasi

To see the selected photos and see more about the student experiences those students shared alongside there photo visit the Art Galllery on the first floor of the Memorial Union.

Involvement Opportunities in Orientation & Transition Experiences

If you have enjoyed programs and events put on by Orientation & Transition Experience and would like to support future new students in having a successful transition to campus, consider getting involved with our work! Learn more about Student Leadership & Employment opportunities!