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  • What is a network?

UMNetworks are an opportunity for you to building social connections with other new students. Networks are led by a Network Leader who shares your interests and will help you connect with other new students by participating in/attending group activities. This semester we will have 5 UMNetworks: Animal Lovers, Gopher Athletics & Traditions, Gophers for Free Food, Multicultural Network, and Sustainability.

  • Why should I join? 

Find Community of Friends: Making friends can be difficult, UMNetworks are a great way to meet other students who share your interests, passions, or similar experiences.

 Make the U of M My Home: By attending UMNetworks events, you can make this large university feel like a small community. We hope that by joining a UMNetwork you begin to make the U of M your home.

 Get Connected: The U of M has over 1000+ student organizations and 30,000+ undergraduates so it isn’t always easy to find your starting place. Use a network to get connected with new and returning students to find your start.

  • What is the time commitment?

Throughout the semester you and your network will have the opportunity to attend three events together. Events/activities last about an hour, depending on the opportunity. Your UMNetwork Leader more details for each event.

  • Sign me up!

Join a UMNetwork at any time during the semester! Fill out the UMNetworks Interest Form. Following the completion of the form, you will begin receiving communications from your network leader about upcoming events to get connected!


At Home in MN

The At Home in MN Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community within Territorial Hall that gives eligible first-year, out-of-state students the option to live together in a dedicated area of the hall. 

Only incoming first-year students who live within the United States, but outside of Minnesota, are eligible to apply for the At Home in MN Living Learning Community.  Join At Home in MN to enhance your transition to the U! To apply, you must submit a Housing application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 612-624-1979.

Leaders in Transition

The Leaders in Transition Living Learning Community (LLC) gives new transfer students an opportunity to engage in a community with a dedicated area of the hall. This LLC serves as a platform for students to support each other through their first year at the U and focus on leadership to enhance students' personal growth and professional development. 

This House is located in Yudof Hall, apartment-style living conveniently located near Coffman Memorial Union. Join Leaders in Transition to enhance your transition to the U! To apply, you must submit a Housing application and a Leaders in Transition application. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 612-624-1979.

Second Year Experience 

The Second Year Experience Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community within Yudof Hall that gives second-year students the option to live together in a dedicated area of the hall. 

This LLC serves to provide community building amongst students through engagement on topics of leadership & engagement, major & career, and community & connection. Join Second Year Experience to enhance your second year at the U! To apply, you must submit a Housing application and a Second Year Experience application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 612-624-1979. 

Catch your Breath with Goldy and Grub was an event created in the Fall of 2017 as an event that would bring together first-year students through normalizing shared experiences. In the Fall of 2018, this event took place and hosted over 200 first-year (freshman and transfer) students. 

Students shared "sweet" and "not-so-hot" moments from their experiences at the U thus far. A variety of stories were shared and many common themes emerged:

Sweet Moment - Community & Connection, Personal Experiences, Acadmic Success, Campus Engagement, and Campus Resources

      • "Meeting lots of great new people through classes and my LLC"
      • "Weekly coffee dates with my friends from Welcome Week."
      • "Getting picked for the Dean's first year scholar research program for Spring 2019"

"Not-so-Hot" Moments - Academic Challenges, Navigating Campus, Personal & Academic Balance, and Social Transition

      • "One week I had 4 tests and a lab report due. They were all on Thursday and Friday"
      • "Accidently riding the campus connector to St. Paul"
      • "Overcommiting myself to everything for fear of missing out"


Visit the CMU Art Gallery this summer as we have showcased the student experiences of twenty U of M students in Orientation & Transition Experiences’ “My View, My U: Inside the Student Experience” exhibit. The exhibit highlights the student experience from our students’ point-of-view.

Here are a couple of quotes our students shared surrounding their experience:

  • "This was only the third Gopher football game I'd gone to in three years at the U of M. It's never too late to start getting more involved on campus, whether that be cheering on Gopher sports, joining a student group, or getting a job. My time at the U has been made one thousand times better by putting myself out there and getting involved on campus." - Lily French
  • "My freshman year, I lived in Bailey Hall. I honestly can't say enough about the close community the dorm creates; I have so many amazing friends from last year who I wouldn't have met without living in Bailey. That being said, living on the Saint Paul campus meant I also basically lived on the Campus Connector. Since that was such an instrumental aspect of my first year, I wanted to pay a small tribute to the many hours I spent on the busses." - Karsen Staton
  • "I remember the excitement I felt when I screamed and cheered along to “SKI-U-MAH" for our college football team. That day, I found a sense of belonging in the University of Minnesota and it was an experience that I will never forget." - Dila Ravenna Theodora

To see the selected photos and see more about the student experiences those students shared alongside there photo visit the Art Galllery on the first floor of the Memorial Union.

In spring of 2018, Student Unions & Activities (SUA) partnered with OTE to present "Senior Stories: We've Been There". After interviewing many incredible individuals with inspiring stories, three stories were chosen. Enjoy the stories these brave, courageous, and inspiring individuals share of the challenges they have faced and how they have navigated their way to their senior year.

Kaity's Story

Senior Stories: Kaity's Story

Margarita's Story

Senior Stories: Margarita's Story

Mitch's Story

Senior Stories: Mitch's Story

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