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The Newsletter is a regular e-newsletter sent to first-year, second-year, and new transfer students monthly throughout the academic year. The newsletter content includes items pertinent to the success and wellbeing of students. Content addresses developmental needs and time-sensitive materials relevant to a seamless transition to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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Submitting Content to the Class of eNewsletter

Staff and faculty at the U of M can submit content for current first-year, new transfer, or second-year students for their respective newsletter. Content must be submitted through a U of M email account and be written only for the selected population of students. If your content is appropriate for all students, consider the Undergrad Update. Any content that is from outside the University or not specifically for specific population students will not be selected. Below are content submission deadlines:

Submission Deadlines (Newsletter Month: Submission Deadline) 

Selected content will be included in a mailing that goes out within two weeks of the submission deadline

  • Fall 2024
    • September Newsletter: Monday, August 26
    • October Newsletter: Monday, September 30
    • November Newsletter: Tuesday, October 22
    • December Newsletter: Monday, November 18
  • Spring 2025
    • February Newsletter: Friday, January 17
    • March Newsletter: Monday, February 17
    • April Newsletter: Thursday, March 20

To submit newsletter content, visit

For more questions, contact Rachel Kempinger at [email protected] (FYE & SYE) or Sarah Ihrig at [email protected] (Transfer).