About OTE


Our vision is to be innovative and responsive to the shifting needs of our students while being leaders in the field of orientation, transition and retention.


In an effort to support each student during their transition to the U of M and on their path to graduation, Orientation & Transition Experiences offers high-quality, dynamic experiences that cultivate community and empower students to champion their own development and leverage campus resources.

Core Values

Continually finding a sense of connection.

Creating synergy through intentional partnerships.

Advocating for equity in our programs and on our campus.

Personal Growth
An ongoing process of self improvement and skill development.

Student Success 
Empowering students to thrive as they persist to graduation.

Points of Pride


Communicators Forum, Maroon Award for Design, Poster 
2015-2016 Welcome Students Poster

Communicators Forum, Maroon Award for Design, Multi-Page Print
2015-2016 Gold Book: Your Guide to the First Year