Transfer Students

Once classes begin you will be on your way to creating your own first semester at the U of M. At times you may feel like you are alone in your transition, however there are many ways you will have shared ups and downs with other new students. Make the most of your college experience by engaging in a transfer student experience program. These programs are open to all first semester transfer students.

Connect with Us!

OTE has created this Facebook group and we hope you will use it as a space to connect with other transfer students. If you have questions, let us know at [email protected]. Only confirmed transfer students will be allowed to join.

To learn more about our office and upcoming events, follow us on Instagram @oteumn.


Email us at [email protected].

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Transfer Student Network

The Transfer Student Network (TSN) is a program designed to help first-semester transfer students in their transition at the U. Through one-on-one Coffee Chats and large group events, new transfer students are able to connect with other transfer students and find community at the U. These events are supported by our Transfer Insiders, transfer students who have made a successful transition to the U, and are dedicated to enhancing the transfer student experience.

All first-semester transfer students will automatically receive Transfer Student Network communications and event invitations. One-on-one Coffee Chats are a great opportunity to talk with a Transfer Insider about their experiences. They can answer your questions, give advice, and/or point you to a campus resource.

Sign up at  to request a Coffee Chat

At Home in MN

At Home in MN is a program that provides out-of-state students with the opportunity to explore Minnesota events and culture, connect with other out-of-state students, and receive additional support in the transition. 

Each semester there will be a series of events and workshops you can attend. Out-of-state students will receive emails inviting them to these events throughout the year.

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Transfer Student Experience

The Transfer Student Experience (TSE) is a campus-wide initiative coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Education in partnership with Office of Admissions and Orientation & Transition Experiences. TSE hosts an annual Transfer Workshop Series, plans events specifically tailored for transfer students, and offers leadership and involvement opportunities for transfer students

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Transfer Student Week

Transfer Student Week celebrates all that transfer students bring to our campus. Throughout the week we will be sharing facts and stories about the Transfer Student Experience.  National Transfer Student Week takes place in the third week of October each year.

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What is a network?

UMNetworks are an opportunity for you to build social connections with other new students. Networks are led by a Network Leader who shares your interests and will help you connect with other new students by participating in/attending group activities. During the Fall 2021 semester, we will have 8 UMNetworks: Animal Lovers, Arts & Crafts, Movies & Film, Music, Gopher Gamers, Multicultural Network, Non-Traditional Students, and Sustainability.

Why should I join? 

Find Community of Friends: Making friends can be difficult, UMNetworks are a great way to meet other students who share your interests, passions, or similar experiences.

Make the U of M My Home: By attending UMNetworks events, you can make this large university feel like a small community. We hope that by joining a UMNetwork you begin to make the U of M your home.

Get Connected: The U of M has over 1000+ student organizations and 30,000+ undergraduates so it isn’t always easy to find your starting place. Use a network to get connected with new and returning students to find your start.

What is the time commitment?

Throughout the semester you and your network will have the opportunity to attend three events together. Events/activities last about an hour, depending on the opportunity. Your UMNetwork Leader more details for each event.

Living Learning Community (LLC)

Transfer Student Experience

The Transfer Student Experience Living Learning Community (LLC) gives new transfer students an opportunity to engage in a community with a dedicated area of the hall. This LLC serves as a platform for students to support each other through their first year at the U and focus on leadership to enhance students' personal growth and professional development.

This House is located in Yudof Hall, apartment-style living conveniently located near Coffman Memorial Union. Join Transfer Student Experience to enhance your transition to the U! To apply, you must submit a Housing application and a Transfer Student Experience application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 612-624-1979.

TSE Events

Connect with fellow Transfer students at TSE Events.

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Prize Winners - PLEASE READ

Prize winners, please read:
The value of any prize (gift cards, merchandise, cash, etc...) you may win at any University of Minnesota event will be reported to the financial aid office per Federal law. 
Please take this into consideration and please read below for more information.
Orientation & Transition Experiences offers dozens of student events every year, many with great prizes. But it's up to each student to understand that these prizes are considered income under Federal law, so winnings must be reported. You are under no obligation to accept any prize you may win, and can refuse it if you think it may affect your financial aid.
The Office of Student Finance will be informed of all non-service-related payments, stipends, or gifts a registered student receives. The Office of Student Finance must be provided the information because it determines whether a payment or stipend impacts a student's financial aid package.
For details on how winning a prize may affect your financial aid, please check here: