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New Student Checklist

Freshmen students walk away from the camera on the UMN mall

The New Student Checklist is now available to all confirmed students starting in Fall 2024.

You will be required to have paid your confirmation fee to access the New Student Checklist. Please note that it can take up 3-5 business days after the confirmation fee is paid to gain access to the checklist. You will receive an email when your checklist is ready for you!

Each checklist is personalized to you and is made up of college-specific steps, as well as steps that all students will complete. Here is an example of some of the items you will find on your personalized checklist:

  • Complete your Tell Us About Yourself Survey
    This 20-minute survey will provide your advisor with the information to help you register for fall classes.
  • Select Your Orientation date
    You can select your Orientation date after you complete your Tell Us About Yourself survey.
  • Complete assigned placement tests
    Placement tests must be completed one week prior to your Orientation date
  • Complete the Orientation Prep Course 

Additionally, complete any college-specific checklist items.

College Contact Information

Please contact your college of enrollment with questions regarding your required placement exams or changing your orientation date.

International Students

Orientation & Transition Experiences works closely with International Student Scholar Services (ISSS) to provide accurate information for your transition to the University of Minnesota. As you plan for your arrival, please visit the ISSS website to learn about specific requirements for new international students.

You will select your Freshman Orientation date as part of completing your New Student Checklist which is now available for all confirmed students.

The New Student Checklist also includes a required International Student Preparation Course. This online Course will help you learn about your visa status and prepare for success at the University of Minnesota. This is a mandatory course that you should complete as soon as possible.