Finances & Daily Life

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The second-year is a time of more independence. Many second years move to apartment-style living, work more, and are busier in general. This section highlights tips and resources dealing with everyday life — roommates, groceries, finances, and general wellbeing topics. Keep an eye on this page for new tips!

Mental Health

Talk to Someone

Sometimes we just need help getting through it all. The U has great resources but sometimes they can be hard to find. This site highlights all the U of M mental health and related services.

Shop on a Budget

Buy Second-hand

Second-hand stores are a great place to find anything you need at an affordable price. Visit one of the local thrift stores near campus to find new and used pieces for any occasion.

Check Out the U's Farmers Market

The U has its own farmers market every Wednesday from July - September


Making the decision of where to live in your second year is an important one! Check out this Housing Decision Guide for suggestions on how to make the decision.

Address Roommate Conflicts

Everyone experiences roommate challenges at some point. Check out these tips for dealing with roommate conflicts and living on your own.

Dealing with Your Landlord

University Student Legal Service provides great information, tips, and workshops to help you understand your rights as a renter.


Manage Your Money

Financial Wellness Appointments

OneStop is now offering 30-45 minute individual appointments with financial counselors for students who are looking for guidance on student loans and interest payments, budgeting, understanding credit card debt, and other personal finance topics.

Save Money

Finances are tough in college so you may be looking for ways to keep it on the cheap! Live Like a Student campaign provides great info to help you save money, budget, manage the costs of college. Join the email list for fresh ideas.

Don’t Pay Full Price

Visit the Information Desks in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Student Unions for discount tickets for local attractions, events, and movies. or the half-price tickets on theater shows through Goldstar.

Find Scholarships

The Undergraduate Scholarship Search tool generates a list of U of M scholarships that you are eligible to receive. Don’t let scholarships pass you by!