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As a second-year student, there are many new decisions you have made and things you have learned about yourself over your first year at the U of M. Some of these decisions and new wisdom are likely connected to your major and/or career interests. With the newness of your first year behind you, your second year is a perfect time to dig a little deeper into what your time at the U of M will be all about, the goals you hope to achieve, and the interests and passions you'd like to live out.

Second Years can typically identify with at least one of the following categories:

  • All set: Have a major declared and a career plan. Now what?
  • Major Set: Found a major but I have no idea what career it can lead to
  • Career Set: Found a career but I don’t know what majors align
  • Take 2: Had a plan but now I am revising that plan
  • Clueless: Still exploring what’s out there and my personal interests

No matter which category you fall into, there are steps you can take this year to further develop your major and career plan. Here are three key goals we encourage you to strive for during your second year:

  1. Purpose: Declare your major, and establish or refine your career plan
  2. Prepare: Create/prepare your resume, visit Career Services, start talking to people whose work interests you
  3. Practice: Gain meaningful experience through opportunities like internships/co-ops, engagement opportunities, UROP, or learning abroad.

Note: Some employers hiring for different majors hire at different times of the year. Please be sure to connect with your own Career Services Center to learn about the hiring cycle for internships and other opportunities related to your area of study.

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