Second Year Roadmap

Your second year in college is a unique time—you’ve got a year of experience under your belt, figured out the Campus Connector, and have gotten to know the campus. Now that you’ve adjusted to college life, the second year is the time to set new goals, find your niche, and immerse yourself in the U of M experience. So, what do you do?
This roadmap addresses some of the unique issues you may face as part of your second year, suggests some useful resources, and lists some big dates to add to your calendar. Feel free to look at this month or explore the entire year!

There is a General Roadmap and a Career Roadmap for each month, be sure to scroll down to take note of career-specific resources and tips. The Career Roadmap is divided into three sections:

  • Purpose- Declare your major, and establish or refine your career plan
  • Prepare- Create/prepare your resume, visit Career Services, start talking to people whose work interests you
  • Practice- Gain meaningful experience through internships/co-ops, engagement opportunities, UROP, learning abroad

Explore the Roadmap

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Winter Break  |  January  |  February  |  March  |  April

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