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General Roadmap

Miderm Mayhem

Midterms always tend to sneak up on us, but don’t let that happen to you this year! Start preparing early. The more prepared you feel, the better you will do. Utilize study groups, professor and TA office hours, and stress management techniques to help you ace those midterms!

  • Still trying to find your unique study spot? Check out all of the study spaces available on campus!
  • One of the most important factors of success and managing stress is sleep.

Having trouble effectively studying or managing time and stress? Consider taking the course LASk 1001: Mastering Skills for College Success next semester.

Major Confusion

If you have not decided on a major yet, chances are you are feeling major pressure. Maybe you just can’t decide between a few options, or you knew what you wanted to do when you applied to college, but now other majors seem intriguing. Regardless of your situation, the University has several resources to help you explore and decide on a major.

  • Check out the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration (CAPE). CAPE is a centralized advising office on campus. If you are interested in exploring your own skills and interests more deeply, or if you want to explore majors in more than one department, CAPE is a good touchpoint for you!
  • Sometimes it is helpful to talk to people who are already in the major you are thinking of pursuing. Check out the Major Network for the opportunity to talk to students who are passionate about their majors!
  • Want to spend time discovering what path is right for you? Ask a career counselor or your academic advisor about the major or career exploration courses available to you.

Check out potential career paths for the majors you are interested in using the Major Profiles.

Community Engagement

Not only is the University of Minnesota campus filled with opportunity, but so are the surrounding cities! Minneapolis and St. Paul are both big cities, so it can be helpful to find a place to start. The Center for Community-Engaged Learning has organized all kinds of community engagement opportunities for students to take advantage of – some of which you can even get class credit for!

Study Abroad

Anyone who has studied abroad will tell you it’s one of the most incredible opportunities available to you as an undergrad, and your second year is the perfect time to take advantage of it! Second years generally still have some liberal education requirements that can be fulfilled easily abroad, and what better way to learn more about another culture?

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Career Roadmap


Establish relationships with faculty. They can share insight into the major in which they teach. Plus, they are the ones you can ask for letters of recommendation if you plan to apply to graduate or professional school!