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Major Decisions

The 60 credit mark may feel like it is approaching fast! Do you have your major plan in place? It is okay to not know your exact career path yet. Most majors have a variety of career opportunities, so no matter what major you choose, you will have plenty of career options!

If you have not already, start getting involved with campus groups and volunteer opportunities related to the careers you are interested in. This way you can gain experience and build up your skills and resume. You can discover which career paths within your major you enjoy and which ones you do not. Remember: the experience you get outside of the classroom can be just as important as your major!

Have You Met With Your Advisor Lately?

At this point, you’re nearly halfway through your college career! This is a good time to meet with your advisor to ensure you are on track to graduate. Do you plan to study abroad? Does your major program require a minor or a research component? Now is the time to start mapping these things out!

Talk with your advisor about your career goals. Where do you see yourself after graduation? Your advisor can help you create a master four-year plan for you to follow on your path to success.

Maybe you are speeding through your required coursework and have time for a double major or a minor that complements your career goals.

Look at your APAS report before meeting with your advisor to check on your degree progress.

Fall Finances

It is always helpful to prepare early for next year. Scholarship applications are already available for next fall, and the application deadlines are quickly approaching. You can save some money when you get a scholarship, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Additionally, it may be helpful to create a budget now for summer and next school year. Calculate how much you need to save for next fall based on how much you earn this summer and your anticipated expenses. It is important to know these details to avoid running into financial difficulty later.

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As you register for courses and declare your major, plan engagement opportunities to help you affirm your choice and connect with local communities.

Identify your goals for your summer job or internship. Do you want to gain skills? Confirm interest? Try something new? All of the above?!


Schedule a few Informational Interviews to help solidify your career goals and summer plans.

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