Second Year Parents & Families

The Journey Continues…

The second-year is both an exciting and challenging time for students. They have a good sense of what college is about and are now able to take more ownership in creating their own experience.

It may also be a time when students experience the “sophomore slump”. After the excitement of the first year has worn off, the reality, routine, and pressures of college set in. Students may feel anxious about major and career decisions, struggle with motivation, or experience less satisfaction overall.

What can parents do?

  • Let your student know that this is a normal experience for many students. Just knowing they are not alone may help.
  • Encourage your student to seek out campus resources that may help them make progress on their major, career decisions, or talk to someone at Boynton or Student Counseling Services about their struggles.
  • Offer suggestions on ways to get involved on campus. Being active and meeting new people can help get students back on track.
  • Most importantly, listen. You may hear the process of your student developing their own voice and sense of life purpose.

Explore the other areas of the Second Year Experience website to find tips and resources relevant to the second year experience. For more information specifically for parents, check out the University Parent & Family Program.