Welcome Back!

Your second year is a unique time in your college career. You are no longer a wide-eyed freshman using a Gopher Guide map to get to class. You know the lay of the land, and now it's time to start mapping out what your future is going to look like.

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Preparing to Live Off-Campus

Are You Ready for Fall Semester

  • Use the Graduation Planner and MyU to make sure you are signed up for the right classes and on-track to graduate. Make an appointment now with your Academic Advisor if you have questions before you get busy with classes and the other demands that come with the start of the semester.
  • Feeling a little unsure about your future career path? Connecting with your college’s career services office is a great way to start! Make an appointment with a career counselor to learn more about the career opportunities available to you and what you can be doing as a second-year student to explore your career options, build your resume, and gain experience.

Now it’s up to you! Be proactive in staying on track to graduate, knowing your deadlines, and understanding your finances.