Transfer Student Orientation

The mission of Orientation and Transition Experiences is to support students in their transition to the U of M, by offering high-quality, dynamic experiences. In January, students will select to attend Orientation either remotely or on-campus. 

Transfer Orientation is required of all new transfer students.  We recognize that you are coming to the U of M with previous college experience and offer an Orientation program that meets your transfer needs. Transfer Orientation for Spring 2022 is a two-part process:

  • The Orientation Prep Course will provide you with valuable information about your college of enrollment and University resources. Orientation Prep Course modules must be successfully completed before your Orientation day.
  • On your Orientation day, you will meet with your college advisor, register for spring courses, and connect with other new students. Some Orientation days will be in person (on-campus) and some will take place remotely (via Zoom). You can review the options for your college’s Orientation dates on the New Student Checklist.

Your Orientation Day

Access your personalized schedule through the Orientation Hub. Check out the What You Need to Know to be prepared for your Orientation day. 

By Participating in Orientation, You Will

  • Meet with an academic advisor and register for classes
  • Become familiar using the University’s course management tool Canvas
  • Connect with other transfer students