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Welcome Week

Welcome Week 2021 is Wednesday, September 1 through Monday, September 6

Welcome Week is your second step (after New Student Orientation) in your transition to the University of Minnesota. This week-long event is required for the Class of 2025.

At this point in time we are planning for Welcome Week to happen as if it were any other year and you should plan to be available to participate Sept 1-6. As University of Minnesota, State, and Federal guidelines are updated as part of Covid-19 response, we will adjust the Welcome Week program as necessary and keep incoming students informed of any changes. Welcome Week is a critical component in each students' transition, and it is full of useful content to help you as you are beginning your time at the U of M.

  • Plan. Welcome Week takes place directly before fall classes begin, so plan accordingly. Plan family vacations, work schedules, and housing leases (if living off campus) with Welcome Week in mind. Many colleges include class participation during Welcome Week, so be mindful of this when planning your time! 
  • Community. You will meet fellow new students, spend time with your college of enrollment, learn more about U of M, and explore the Twin Cities community. 
  • Navigate. Welcome Week will help you feel more comfortable as you start your experience at the U and begin classes, not to mention it is a lot of fun! We know that students who attend Welcome Week are more confident when they start classes because they have had time to meet friends, navigate campus and get settled. 
  • Tradition. You will get to participate in several key campus traditions including Pride & Spirit (featuring the annual “M” photo on the football field) and more!

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