Orientation Intern

The Orientation Intern is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing content for orientation programming. With a focus on program logistics, the Orientation Intern will be involved in planning for Spring Transfer programming (January), and summer programming for new student and parent and family programs.

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  • Developing Unit Descriptions that outline the role and functionality of all factors of orientation programming
  • Assist in orientation programmatic scheduling
    • Orientation Leader and Transfer Student Leader Schedules
    • Parent Program Scheduling
    • Classroom reservation management
    • Catering reservation management
  • Provide support to Student Leadership Intern in OL, TSL, and WWL recruitment
  • Serve as program presenter for orientation programming
    • Freshman & Transfer University Welcome
    • Various Freshman Orientation presentations
  • Manage on-call evening responsibilities during Freshman Orientation (June/July dates), while living in the residence hall
  • Plan and execute the Transfer Track of Welcome Week
  • Engage in active communication with peers and supervisor
  • Offer support and assistance to professional staff through engagement in various projects
  • Pursue a supporting role in maintaining front desk operations, including answering phone calls
  • Supporting office initiatives and events related to the matriculation process
  • Attend two all student staff professional development trainings per month (Oct-Apr)
  • Balancing academic responsibilities with the requirements of the position

Objectives & Goals

  • Through this experience, the Orientation Intern will:
  • Learn to work in a challenging environment, demonstrating flexibility and problem-solving skills
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and professionalism through work with the OTE professional and student staff, Orientation Leaders, and Transfer Student Leaders
  • Cultivate accountability through timely and quality completion of work
  • Gain experience in setting and meeting personal and professional goals
  • Work independently and interdependently with other OTE interns, supervisors, and staff to make progress toward goals
  • Demonstrate personal strengths and improve upon weaknesses to enhance self-confidence and promote confidence in others

This position reports to the Associate Director of Orientation


  • Four semesters of completed coursework at university/college level
  • Previous leadership experience
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to be maintained throughout employment and reviewed each semester
  • Enrolled a minimum of 6 credits as a student through Fall 2022 semester
  • Demonstrated time management skills
  • Can positively receive and utilize constructive feedback
  • Ability to receive and delegate tasks
  • Self-accountability
  • Availability during the Fall, Spring, and Summer to be able to fill the required hours of the position
  • Not planning to study abroad before September 4, 2022 and will not graduate prior to December 2022

Preferred Position Qualifications

  • Prior experiences as an Orientation Leader or Transfer Student Leader, or OTE office experience preferred
  • Prior event planning experience
  • Prior public speaking experience
  • Strong organizational, administrative, customer service, and leadership skills including the ability to effectively communicate, delegate, and work to develop a team
  • Self-motivated and possesses a desire to work in a flexible team and focused atmosphere

Schedule & Important Dates

November-December (10-15 hours/week)

  • Support the recruitment of 28-30 Orientation Leaders/12 Transfer Student Leaders
  • Transfer Welcome Day planning support
  • Prepare for January Orientation sessions
  • Support preparation of spring recruitment of TSL and WWL roles
  • Assist in summer programming assessment work

January-April (15-20 hours/week)

  • Implement January orientation programming
  • Transfer Welcome Day planning support
  • Support the selection of 28-30 Orientation Leaders/12 Transfer Student Leaders
  • Create unit descriptions for summer orientation programs
  • Assist in orientation programmatic scheduling
  • Prepare presentations for summer programming
  • Planning for summer orientation training of the Orientation Leaders
  • Assist in the recruitment of 12-14 Transfer Student Leaders
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of 400+ Welcome Week Leaders

May-July (40-45 hours/week)

  • Implement Freshman Orientation
  • Implement Transfer Orientation
  • Support in the training of Orientation Leaders and Transfer Student Leaders
  • Create daily staffing schedules for Orientation Leaders and Transfer Student Leaders
  • Deliver daily welcome as part of the Orientation program
  • Live on-campus in a residence hall and provide on-call support during program (room/board provided)
  • Support planning of Transfer Track during Welcome Week

August-September (30-40 hours/week)

  • Implement Freshman Orientation
  • Implement Transfer Orientation
  • Support in the training of Orientation Leaders and Transfer Student Leaders
  • Implement Transfer Track for Welcome Week Program
  • Provide Welcome Week Program support and duties as assigned
  • Begin programming assessment work


The Orientation Intern is paid $13.50 per hour. They are eligible for overtime pay for weeks requiring more than 40 hours. The Orientation Intern can anticipate working 10-15 hours/week during the Fall semester, and 15-20 hour/week during the Spring semester. Summer work hours will range from 40-50 hours per week.


This application is currently closed. 

Applications will include a resume, cover letter, one reference, and a Fall semester course schedule. The cover letter should include why the applicant is interested in the position in addition to any relevant experiences or skills that will help them to be successful in the role.