Up and Coming Seconds

Planning for your second year actually begins in your first year. As you make decisions about where to live, what classes to take, and what experiences to have, many of those arrangements are done in advance. Although it may seem like a lot to think about, it’s manageable if you do it one step at a time. Here are a few things to consider as you look ahead:

  • Take a sneak a peek at the Second Year Roadmap and prepare for what's coming up early in the semester.
  • Thinking about studying abroad? Use the UMN Study Abroad program page to explore hundreds of options. Check out the Major Profiles and Major Advising Pages to see which study abroad programs relate to your intended major(s)!
  • Check out the many ways to get more engaged on-campus and decide which ones you may want to pursue.
  • Take some time to write down your goals for your second year and explore your strengths.
  • Still struggling to find the right major? That's okay! Schedule an appointment with a CAPE coach right now, online!
  • Take advantage of the resources available at your career services office, and schedule an appointment with a career counselor today!