Transfer Student Track

Transfer Welcome Days has been rebranded as a transfer track within Welcome Week. This is an exciting change as it means new incoming transfer students are now able to participate in key campus traditions including Pride & Spirit!

Welcome Week is strongly recommended. We know as transfer students it is especially important for you to jump into your new community with intention. We want you to be successful and we know that you are more likely to feel comfortable on campus after attending Welcome Week.

It is strongly recommended to attend as many events and programs as possible during Welcome Week as there is content designed specifically for you. It is also a great opportunity to meet other incoming transfer students and start to build your community at the U.

Some colleges of enrollment may have required components of Welcome Week for new transfer students.

For Fall 2019, incoming transfer students should visit the Welcome Week page to view the program schedule and event information as well as download the U Minnesota app.

Keep in mind, there are several events designed specifically for Transfer students that you won’t want to miss:

  • Transfer Check-In
  • Transfer Touch Point
  • Tailgate Dinner
  • Transfer Student Welcome
  • College Programming
  • Transfer Student Leader Personal Tours & Dinner on the Town
  • Transfer Hangout
  • University Transfer Student Board (UTSB) Slice & Advice

Check the New Transfer Student guide on the U Minnesota mobile app (coming May 2019) for more information about these events! The Welcome Week schedule for transfer students can be found here (May 2019).