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Applications for the 2019 Event Staff team are now available!

This volunteer role helps to support the Welcome Week program in a variety of capacities. It offers the opportunity to be a member of a dynamic team and to gain experience in delivering large scale events. The role will be supervised by two Event Staff Captains and the Assistant Director for Welcome Week. 

Event Staff members are required to attend a training on August 20 and would need to be available to work during the dates of August 21 through September 2. 

If you are interested, please apply here. Our goal is to select a team of 10-15 dedicated members. The priority deadline is Wednesday, July 31 at 11:59 p.m. although the role will remain open until filled. 

Position Purpose

The Event Staff is a volunteer team. The purpose of the Event Staff is to manage, facilitate, and encourage individual student participation during Welcome Week. Tracking attendance for events and meals allows OTE to identify trends in cohorts of students, address ways to better serve students and provide data to inform programmatic changes. Event Staff allows OTE to collect data in a more timely and efficient manner throughout the program instead of waiting until after the program is over. Additionally, providing a Welcome Headquarters for students and leaders to receive assistance throughout each event will allow for a more positive experience.

Position Summary

Event Staff is a volunteer team that helps ensure the success of Welcome Week (WW), which serves both freshmen and transfer students, from behind the scenes. Students who have been Welcome Week Leaders or Transfer Student Leaders, who want to be involved with OTE in a different way, have a strength in managing details and logistics, and are committed to the success of new students would make excellent Event Staff members. The Event Staff will have versatile roles during WW and will not be assigned to a WW student group. All Event Staff will be expected to:

  • Encourage student participation in Welcome Week
  • Create a welcoming environment for new students
  • Assist with Check-in & late Check-in
  • Manage entrance to all WW events
  • Maintain the ability to be a WWL, (ie-lead a group) if necessary
  • Float before/after events to assist lost students
  • Maintain professionalism when working with students, WWLs, and other staff

While Event Staff will be trained as generalists to assist with the entire program, each Event Staff member will be expected to assist with the following specific tasks:

Manage WW Hotline

  • Answer the WW Hotline throughout the program
  • Assist lost students throughout the program
  • Contact WWLs when necessary (missing rosters, individual student needs, etc)

Track Attendance

  • Collect & organize returned rosters
  • Scan rosters to upload to OTE database
  • Communicate with WW staff to track down missing rosters from WWLs
  • Ensure all attendance is accounted for and accurate

Event Entrance Management

  • Scan students/WWLs into major WW events
  • Collect attendance rosters from rostered events
  • Assist with large WW events as needed
  • Assist Pro Staff/OLs/WWLs when necessary

Volunteer Position Outcomes

  • Learn the inner workings of a large, complex program
  • Develop strong communication and customer service skills
  • Work in a collaborative environment by managing systems that play to strengths
  • Balance time management skills while working in a fast paced environment
  • Manage multiple projects at one time
  • Build relationships with OTE leaders (OLs and Professional Staff) on a more individual basis

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Attention to detail and follow-through
  • Ability to create a fun work environment, especially in stressful moments
  • Must attend training in late August 2018.
  • Must be available during the dates listed under “Time Commitments” in application
  • Demonstrate responsibility in maintaining a work schedule
  • Must be in good academic standing (at, or above 2.3 GPA)
  • Must be moved into fall housing before the start of training.
  • Preference to students who have been past WWLs or TSAs.
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