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Each day of Welcome Week is designed to help new students transition to campus. Check out the major events that happen each day listed below. Keep in mind you will stay with your group led by your WWL to navigate to and from each of these events.

Tuesday, September 1

  • Check-In for Welcome Week
  • Gopher Gear Up Bookstore Event
  • Sustainability Freestore
  • Evening: RecWell Open House

Wednesday, September 2 - Welcome-U Day

  • Check-In for Welcome Week (if not completed on Tuesday)
  • Meet your Welcome Week Leader and small group
  • Welcome to Welcome Week with Jermaine DavisĀ 
  • Pride & Spirit

Thursday, September 3 - U of M Kickoff Day

  • New Student Convocation
  • College Activities (first day of class for many!)
  • Gopher Football Game
  • MAC Dance

Friday, September 4 - Campus Exploration Day

  • Visit all three major areas of campus via Campus Connector (East Bank, West Bank & St. Paul)
  • Zero Waste Lunch
  • Financial Wellness Presentation - One Stop Student Services
  • U of M Engagement Sessions
  • Sustainability Action & Academic Survival in Action Open Houses
  • Student Events & Entertainment Showcase

Saturday, September 5 - Gopher It Day

  • Community Engagement Sessions
  • Small Group Time with your Welcome Week Leader
  • Explore U - Vendor & Student Group Fair
  • Late Night at Mall of America

Sunday, September 6 - Twin Cities Day

  • Twin Cities Community Exploration Trips
  • Student Group Events
  • Free Time

Monday, September 7 - Prep for Classes

  • Student Group Events
  • Free Time
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