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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the New Student Checklist need to be done?

  • There is not one deadline for completing the checklist, however you will want to start on the checklist as soon as it is available to you. Some steps are required to be completed before you can move on to the next. The most strict deadline is making sure placement tests are completed one week prior to your orientation.

What if I can’t access the New Student Checklist?

  • Have you paid your confirmation fee? You must pay your enrollment confirmation fee to the office of Admissions in order to have access to the New Student Checklist. Please note that it can take several days for your payment to be processed. For example, if you pay on a Friday, you might not have access until the following Wednesday.

  • If you are wanting to access the New Student Checklist on the first day, April 3, our suggestions would be to pay your enrollment confirmation fee by March 27.

What if I can’t access the Placement Exams?

  • Placement exams will become available to you once you can see your New Student Checklist. If you are having difficulty accessing the placement testing site, first, be sure you are logged in using your University of Minnesota Internet ID and password. If you are still unable to access your placement exams, please email fouryear@umn.edu. Please make sure you review the which placement exams are required for your college and major at placement.umn.edu.

Will there still be courses available if I come to a later orientation date?

  • Yes there will be courses available. The U of M releases seats in popular courses throughout the orientation process. However, your preferred time may no longer be available. Our suggestion is to confirm early so you can pick your first choice of orientation dates. We do recognize that International students and some out-of-state student can not come to orientation until August and please know your academic advisor will assist you in selecting your courses.

When does the required programming end

  • The required programming will end at 9:30 p.m. There will be optional evening activities (June/July only) until 11 p.m. for the students to have fun and get to know their classmates a bit more.

Do I have to spend the night on campus?

  • We want to provide all students with the experience of staying on campus. There is not an overnight component during the August orientationd dates. Please review the Overnight Accommodations information on this site for all the details.

Where will I sleep during Orientation?

  • A space in Comstock Hall has been reserved for those of you attending Orientation in June or July. Please review the Overnight Accommodations section of the website for more details and directions for those attending in August.

How are roommates assigned at Orientation?

  • We do not pre-assign roommates. You will self-select someone from your small group to room with for the night. It is just one night so think of this as an opportunity to make a new friend. You will select there a female, male or gender open roommate.

What time will I be done on Day 2?

  • Each student will be done at a different time. Most students are done with registration by 1 p.m. but some as late as 3 p.m. 

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