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For over twenty years our office has created posters to welcome new students, to promote new programs, and to show our Golden Gopher pride. Best of all these posters are available for FREE to all students, staff, and faculty. Stop by our office during regular business hours to get yours. University departments and colleges needing to request larger quantities should email oteinfo@umn.edu with the poster name(s), quantity, and location for delivery. Posters with an asterisk (*) are no longer available.

Welcome Students 2018-19* | Class of 2022 and New Transfer Students Pride & Spirit


Welcome Students 2017-18* | Class of 2021 Pride & Spirit

Special thanks to the following individuals and departments who helped make the 2017-18 Welcome Students poster possible: Sandra Boone, Marina Uehara, Claire Halpert, Brendan Fairbanks, Molly Schwartz, Brittany Anderson, Zoe Brown, C̣aƞte Máza Neil McKay, Šišóka Dúta Joe Bendickson, international student leaders in International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), CLA - Department of Asian Languages and Literature - Arabic Language Program, CLA - Department of Asian Languages and Literature - Japanese Language Program, Karen Organization of Minnesota, CLA - Department of American Indian Studies - Dakota and Ojibwe Language Programs, and the PERSISMA Student Organization. Languages represented are Objibwe, Dakota, Thai, Hmong, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnames, Korean, Farsi, Swahili, Malay, Spanish, and Somali.

Welcome Students 2016-17* | Class of 2020 Pride & Spirit


Welcome Students 2015-16* | Class of 2019 Pride & Spirit


Class of 2018 Pride & Spirit*  |  Welcome Students 2014-15*  | Welcome Week 2014*


Welcome Students 2013-14* | Class of 2017 Pride & Spirit*


Welcome Students 2012-13* | Class of 2016 Pride & Spirit*


Class of 2015 Pride & Spirit*

Posters with an asterisk (*) are no longer available.

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