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Gopher Guide

The Gopher Guide has been the official planner and reference guide for the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, for more than 20 years. All new first-year students receive a free copy of the Gopher Guide at New Student Orientation. After that the Gopher Guide can be purchased in the University of Minnesota Bookstore. Over 14,000 Gopher Guides are printed and distributed every year.

Ad sales are now open for the 2020-2021 Gopher Guide. Contact the OTE Marketing Intern at otemktg@umn.edu for more information.

Go here to view a PDF version of the 2019-2020 Gopher Guide.


The Gold Pages section of the Gopher Guide offers advertisements and coupons options. These pages are printed in black ink on goldenrod colored paper. Following are the prices, sizes, and other specifics for each option:

  • Coupon: $650, 1/3 page (4.625" wide x 2.25" tall), double-sided. If you do not submit artwork for both sides of your coupon, we will repeat the artwork on both sides. Coupon expiration date should be no sooner than May 2020.
  • 1/3 Page Ad: $450 (4.625" wide x 2.25" tall)
  • 2/3 Page Ad: $650 (4.625" wide x 4.75" tall)
  • Full page Ad: $850 (4.625" wide x 7.25" tall)

There are several color advertising options available. If you are interested, contact Chelsea Garcia at cmgarcia@umn.edu

Payment Options

U of M Departments and Colleges

Preference for issuing payment for advertising in the Gopher Guide is through a department EFS number. Using an EFS number eases and streamlines the payment process. Other payment options are available if needed.

External Businesses and Services

An invoice will be sent to the address you provide within 30 days of your commitment. Payment can be made with check, or can be made via credit card, using the instructions on the invoice. Ad space not paid within the 30 days of the invoice will be released and offered to other advertisers.

To learn more contact us at otemktg@umn.edu.

To ensure a high quality print of your advertisement please create files that are 300 dpi. High resolution PDF files are preferred, but you may also submit JPG, PNG, PSD, EPS, AI, or TIF. Text should be converted to outlines. A bleed is not needed for Gold Page ads.


Ad content should be age appropriate to the University of Minnesota student population. Many students are not of age to purchase or consume alcohol, so advertisements cannot include language or images referring to happy hours, drink specials, etc. Orientation & Transition Experiences reserves the right to reject advertisements due to content, messages, or images that could be interpreted as inappropriate or inconsistent with the University's Student Code of Conduct.

Gold Page Coupons

Coupon artwork should include 2 sides or we will print the same artwork on both sides. Coupons should be designed to look like a coupon and include text with specific instructions ("Bring this coupon to our 300 Univeristy Avenue SE location for half off an entree!"). Expiration dates should not expire before May 2020.

  • Coupon: $650, 1/3 page (4.625" wide x 2.25" tall), double-sided. If you do not submit artwork for both sides of your coupon, we will repeat the artwork on both sides.

Gold Page Ads

Only Coupon space may be designed to look like a coupon or may include text that encourages the reader to use the ad as a coupon (for example, "Bring in this ad to receive a discount..."). Artwork submitted for an ad (non-coupon placement) that either resembles a coupon or encourages the reader to cut or remove the page will be rejected.

  • 1/3 Page Ad: $450 (4.625" wide x 2.25" tall)
  • 2/3 Page Ad: $650 (4.625" wide x 4.75" tall)
  • Full page Ad: $850 (4.625" wide x 7.25" tall)

Color Ads

Color advertising (inside covers, divider pages, etc.) specification vary depending on the space you purchase. Contact Chelsea Garcia at cmgarcia@umn.edu for more information.

Design Services

If you need assistance designing your ad we offer design services for an additional charge of $50 per hour. Please contact our design team at 612-624-4486 or cmgarcia@umn.edu.

The Gopher Guide gives students, parents and university affiliates access to a personal planner filled with resources, information, coupons and stickers that help organize students’ busy lives. The Gopher Guide is also a forum for businesses, organizations and departments to inform students about their services.

The Gopher Guide is a reputable publication with a long-standing history of readership. The Gopher Guide provides opportunities to market your business or department. Students use the Gopher Guide everyday – your advertisement is seen each time a student sifts through the pages. Various advertisement sizes are available as well as our in-house design service.


  • Have exclusive access to the student body
  • Reaches over 14,000 students, parents, staff, and faculty!
  • Used every day by students
  • Implement cost effective, inexpensive promotion
  • Encourages student participation and visitation of your establishment
  • Make student population aware of your location and offerings
  • Flexible layouts for your advertisements

What are students saying about the gold pages in the Gopher Guide?

"The Gopher Guide gives me opportunities for great savings."

"My Gopher Guide has not only helped me stay organized, but has given me great deals on necessities found on campus."

"The gold pages really stand out in my Gopher Guide, and was the first section I went to when I received it."

"It is extremely reassuring to have so many resources in one location."

"Being a transfer student the Gopher Guide gave me a chance to see what campus and the surrounding area had to offer."

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