Our Commitment to Solidarity

Orientation & Transition Experiences Commitment to Solidarity with Black Lives

Screenshot of the Orientation & Transition Experiences Commitment to Solidarity with Black Lives

We, Orientation & Transition Experiences, are outraged with the tragic murder of George Floyd on May 25, at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. The impact and proximity of this murder is close to our hearts and our campus. We have seen the continued systematic oppression that Black people experience in our society. We remember and we honor those who have been lost due to police brutality and other countless forms of racial injustice. We must and will do better.

Cultivating community and advocating for equity is central to the work of Orientation & Transition Experiences. We commit to creating space on campus for every student to feel empowered and experience a sense of belonging. As an office, we will continue to leverage our privilege on campus and within our own identities to advocate for equity and inclusion, eliminate institutional barriers, and fight for justice throughout our programs, campus, and surrounding community. We must and will do better.

We recognize this statement is only a small step towards the immense work we still need to do to right the inequities and injustices of our world. It is incredibly important for us to recognize, support, and be in solidarity with our Black students and their families. To our Black students, we see you. You belong within our communities AND at the University of Minnesota. Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,
Orientation & Transition Experiences